Counseling Services for Couples and Individuals in Kansas City

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Life often provides many challenges that make it difficult to live the life we imagined and to have healthy, happy relationships. Is your marriage or relationship on the right track? Or do you feel stuck, frustrated, flabbergasted, angry, sad, worn down, defensive, tired, or lonely? Do you feel like you are losing yourself? Your relationship? Both?

Maybe you recognize that changes need to be made and you are searching for someone to assist you on this path of change. Or maybe you aren’t happy with your present situation but not sure about what the next step would look like or even if it’s worth taking?


Why choose the KC relationship institute?

We are marriage AND couples counseling specialists

Many private and group practitioners are generalists (like your family doctor) who see a wide variety of individuals, couples, and families and presenting issues. They likely excel at what they do, but they probably only see a few couples a week as part of their practice.

We are marriage and couples counseling specialists (like your orthopedic surgeon or cardiologist), where our practice consists entirely of couples seeking therapy or individuals specifically focused on self and relationship development issues.

We use data to monitor treatment progress

Over the course of therapy we will discuss your progress and make adjustments in therapy depending on our and your subjective experience. All good therapists do this. This is important, but research has shown that often this is not enough. In addition to this, we will have you fill out questionnaires, supported by research, over the course of therapy to help monitor your progress and to ensure we are on track toward meeting your goals.