We invest time and money in all sorts of things

Our homes, cars, professional development, kids, pets, hobbies, experiences, and more. For example, the average U.S. household spending on Dining Out ($3,154), Owning and Operating a Vehicle ($9,049), and Entertainment ($2,913) are significant.1 When our vehicle breaks down, we get it fixed. When we are sick, we go to the doctor. When we are personally stuck in a rut or when our relationship is in need of repair…..we often do not seek professional, expert assistance.

decades of research makes it clear

Our social relationships and, specifically, the quality and stability of our intimate relationships have the greatest impact on our life happiness and personal well-being. They also impact our health, our work productivity, and our financial health.2

we are here to help

But, you already know this, you don’t need the research to tell you what you know to be true in your own life. That is why you are here. You know that personal and relationship challenges impact all aspects of your life. Your thinking of doing something about it because you are tired of life as it currently is and have hope that life can become something better. We are here to help. All of us need someone to walk alongside us from time to time. Reaching out takes courage. We want to honor that courage and help you reach your goals.

There are few things in life as important as the health and well-being of you and your relationship.

Join our Relationship Investment Program and SAVE!


3-month enrollment fee


6-month enrollment fee


12-month enrollment fee
investing in yourself and your relationship is one of the most important things you can do

It is an investment that can impact all areas of your life! To financially assist you in your personal and relationship goals, we offer a multi-option Relationship Investment Program that helps you save money on counseling.

Here’s how it works. Choose either our 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month option (for a small membership fee) and you receive $50 off of ALL of your 50 minute sessions or $75 off ALL of your 80-minute sessions during that 3-, 6-, or 12-month membership period. By joining the Relationship Investment Program, you start saving money on the cost of counseling after only 4, 6, or 11 sessions depending on the length of the investment program you choose. Overall, this will result in significant savings to you! On average, clients find that they reach their goals in 8-20 sessions.

Sally Hodges, MS;
Cynthia Wright, MS;
Kamille Greene, MS;
Christina Wilson, MS
Megan Hiser, MS

50-minute sessions
  • $75 with Relationship Investment Program discount
  • $125 regular rate
80-minute sessions
  • $120 with Relationship Investment Program discount
  • $195 regular rate

Dr. Jared Anderson;
Dr. Michelle Washburn-Busk;
Paul Busk, MS;

50-minute sessions
  • $100 with Relationship Investment Program discount
  • $150 regular rate
80-minute sessions
  • $160 with Relationship Investment Program discount
  • $235 regular rate
No show/cancellation within 24-hours of appointment will incur full session fee.

The Relationship Investment Program discount can be applied to marriage, couples, or individual counseling.

You will likely be able to find counseling at a lower cost in the area. But, finances should be but one factor in finding the right counselor with the right expertise to help you reach your goals. Give us a call 816-537-1350 or fill out our contact form here in order to set up a 15-20 minute consultation with us to see if we are the right therapists for you.

Payment Methods Accepted

We accept cash, check, and all major credit and debit cards

Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flex Spending Accounts

Why We Don’t Take Insurance

To maximize your treatment privacy!

Insurance companies require we disclose sensitive information about you and your health (and specific mental health diagnoses) that then becomes part of your permanent medical record. By not taking insurance your personal information, diagnoses (if applicable), and therapy history remains under your control—and only between you and your therapist!

To allow you to have greater control over your treatment!

Insurance companies decide treatment. They decide the number of sessions you should have and how often you should have them. We believe you and your therapist should choose the course of your treatment.

So a diagnosis is not required to work with you

Insurance companies do not see marriage and couples counseling as medically necessary, therefore, they will not pay for these services. All of us could use a little help and support at times, so, whether you are coming in as a couple or an individual and do not meet criteria for a mental health diagnosis, we believe it is important for all of us to have access to counseling.


2Cohen (2004); Kiecolt-Glaser & Wilson (2017); Umberson& Montez, (2010)