Couples\ Marriage Counseling

Our relationships can be a great source of strength, but they can also cause pain and heartache. Whether you currently feel committed to building a better relationship, ambivalent about the future of your relationship, or fear that your relationship is on the brink of collapse—we can help.

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Sex Therapy

Most couples in marriages and long-term relationships struggle with sexual issues at some point. Whether it’s arguments about frequency, style, or problems with functioning that have recently emerged or are something you’ve struggled with for years, sexual concerns are important to address and can be a powerful vehicle that drives your relationship to greater connection, intimacy, and purpose.

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Individual Therapy

Most people have times in their life where they feel stuck and are not sure where to turn. We are here to help!

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Pre-marital counseling

Getting married? Thinking about getting engaged?

Research shows that premarital counseling can help couples get off to a stronger start and reduce their risk of divorce. We spend thousands of dollars and countless hours preparing for the ceremony—invest some time in further strengthening your relationship so that you can build and maintain the future you envision today!

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Couples counseling intensives

In our marriage/couple intensive program we meet with you and your partner in an intensive, individualized format over multiple days. This allows us to either jump-start the counseling process, which usually decreases the total amount of time couples are seen in counseling, or it provides a strong dose of marriage/couples counseling to get you and your partner back on track.

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Relationship and Life Coaching

At the Kansas City Relationship Institute, LLC, we will help you clarify your values, your priorities, and your goals—as well as the factors that are keeping you from reaching your potential. Whether focusing on your relationship, work, health, motivation, or all of these, we can help you reach new heights in work, love, and life.

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Marriage/Couples Retreats

Are you interested in spending a weekend strengthening your relationship? Do you want to learn more about yourself and your partner and better understand where you can grow as an individual and as a couple?

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Re-Connecting Parent(s) and Adult Children

Life happens. Things are said. Offenses are given and taken. Relationships become distant. There are a thousand reasons why adult children and their parent(s) lose connection.

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Are you working towards LMFT licensure in the state of Missouri? Are you fully licensed but would like to grow as a couples/relationship therapist? A limited number of individual and group supervision slots are open. Please contact Dr. Jared Anderson for details at or 816-537-1350

speaking engagements

Dr. Jared Anderson, Sally Hodges, M.S, PLMFT., and Cynthia Wright, M.S., PLMFT; have a combined 25 years of experience in the field of couples and family therapy and relationship enhancement. If you are interested in having any of us speak at your work, agency, or faith community event please contact us or 816-537-1350.