Dr. Jared Anderson

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)

I have been working in the field for 20 years as a therapist, clinical supervisor, teacher, academic, researcher, and author. My passion is to help individuals become more of who they want to be and to help couples build satisfying, passionate relationships that are worth wanting. I believe that when we are each operating from the best in us our relationships have a better chance of flourishing. I also teach in the areas of couples and sex therapy and human sexuality and I conduct research on factors related to healthy couple relationships.

I completed my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Kansas State University and my PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of Minnesota. I grew up in the Kansas City area and I have been married to my high school sweetheart for twenty years. We have four kids and we enjoy sports, hiking, camping, international adventure travel, reading and spending time together as a family.

Sally Hodges

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Clinical Fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)

I am a graduate of the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Kansas State University. I have broad experience working with couples, families, and individuals. I believe that strong relationships are the foundation for a thriving life but for a variety of reasons, life sometimes gets in the way of thriving. My goal is to help clients have passionate and connected relationships while also growing as individuals. I believe therapy can be the place where you build the courage to be more of who you want to in your relationship. In doing so, individuals and couples have the potential for a fulfilling, connected, passionate, and fun relationship.

In addition to my education in marriage and family therapy, I have a graduate certificate in Gerontology. I use my education in geriatrics to help couples navigate the process of aging and what it means for their emotional and sexual relationship. I also help families navigate the waters of decision making and caring for aging parents. I have done research on factors related to older adult sexuality and the impact of an affair on the relationship. I also teach on culture change in long term care administration.

I grew up in central Oklahoma and completed my undergraduate degree at Oklahoma State University. Outside of work, you can find me spending time with my husband, being outside, cooking and eating good food, reading, and gardening.

Cynthia Wright

Associate Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)

As a Mother and Wife myself, I can appreciate first hand both the importance and the strain of building strong relationships while balancing life’s other demands. I work with both couples and individuals in all of their uniqueness.

My education includes a Master’s Degree from Friend’s University – Kansas City, and an undergraduate degree in Social Psychology from Park University.  I am currently pursuing my PhD in the Doctoral of Marriage and Family Therapy program at Antioch University New England, where I’m couples therapy through the lens of social justice.

I am a firm believer that representation is important. Whether it’s an association made by social status, gender, sexuality, race, profession, or even personality type… seeing someone who reminds you of yourself or who you feel like can relate to you is often more meaningful than we realize. It’s important to feel comfortable, safe, and accepted with the therapist you choose. I embrace and celebrate the diversity between and within myself and my clients.

Dr. Michelle Washburn-Busk

Associate Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)

I believe that all humans have an innate capacity for growth, but that growth is often thwarted by a lack of self-awareness, self-compassion or self-confrontation. I aim to help couples and individuals heal from pain and anger, to examine the values and motives driving their actions, and to access new levels of joy and fulfillment by honoring the most authentic version of themselves. I will work collaboratively with you to make new meaning of pain, betrayal, mental illness, or everyday trials, and I will guide you through examining the ways you exert or resist influence from your partner. I specialize in working with couples where one or both partners feels helpless or disempowered, often resulting in disconnection. I also help clients navigate shame and the residual effects trauma can have on relationships. I research and teach about how partners influence one another to navigate fairness in their partnerships.

I completed my Master’s degree and PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy at Kansas State University. My husband and I love kayaking, gardening, camping, trying new food, and exploring new cities together. We adore and spoil our two dogs.

Kamille Greene

Associate Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)

It is my personal belief that as humans, we are all capable of evolution. The idea of change might be more difficult for some than others, but that does not affect their capability. It is my belief that with the proper guidance and unique set of skills anyone can change. I pride myself on my ability to listen to others from an unbiased standpoint and respecting the experiences of all. My goal in therapy is to provide a safe environment for clients to come and express themselves without fear of judgement. My role as a therapist is to view how family systems are influenced by each individual and work collaboratively to develop solutions that will assist each client in attaining their personal goals. I strive to help couples, families, and individuals grow stronger by emphasizing the practice of effective communication, processing and healing from past trauma, restructuring negative beliefs, and developing healthy behavior patterns.

In addition to working with couples, I also have experience working with families, survivors of domestic violence, and at-risk youth. I completed my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Oklahoma State University. I spent most of my childhood in an inner-city community located in Kansas City, MO. The environment in which I was raised inspired me to dedicate my time to increasing awareness of mental health related issues in urban communities and providing resources to families who reside in those areas. I work hard to be a positive role model to youth who look like me and it is my hope to inspire the next generation of leaders to believe in their abilities, follow their aspirations, and be the change in our society.

Paul Busk

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapy
Clinical Fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)

Keeping passion and connection in relationships while also thriving as individuals is a goal that many of us have. Balancing these aspects of life can be difficult, especially when life stressors, mental or emotional disorders, or trauma present themselves. My goal is to help clients achieve their goals of connection and personal growth, while challenging them to act on the best parts of themselves. I am passionate about working with couples struggling with intimacy and desire issues. My approach in working with couples centers on differentiation based therapies and encourages both individual and couple growth.

I have experience working with families, individuals and adolescents struggling with issues related to depression, anxiety, personality disorders and sexuality, using emotionally focused family therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. My approach in working with families aims to create an environment conducive to understanding and being understood.

Cam Meers

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapy

My passion is to help people build healthy, thriving relationships. I approach therapy with the deeply felt belief thatYour story matters.My warm, direct, and empathic style invites you deeper into your stories. I leverage life lessons and my education and clinical experience to bring new insight into your experience. As you connect your internal worlds of thinking and feeling to your external worlds of behavior and action, you are better able to establish genuine and meaningful relationships.

I work mainly with couples and families as well as individuals over the age of 16. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in Missouri and an LCMFT in Kansas and a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC). I have level 3 trainingin Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), an intervention that is based on the scientific study of love and bonding processes in couples, as well as extensive training in the Gottman approach to couples therapy.

My experience includes private practice for 13 years; 2 years spent as the Director of Substance Abuse Counseling at Marine Corp Community Service; and 5 years at Shawnee Mission Medical Center as a counselor for the Inpatient Crisis unit and Intensive Outpatient unit.

Christina Wilson


I am a high-energy, warm therapist who believes in investing in yourself and those you love. My hope is to help individuals and couples, from adolescents to older adults, explore and implement ways to live an empowered life that feels genuine, emotionally open, and relationally fulfilling. I believe in humor, transparency, vulnerability, and letting go of the detrimental messages that make us feel inadequate. In addition to taking care of our bodies through nutritious food and enjoyable movement, my dream is that more people will prioritize mental and emotional health.

We all talk about marching to the beat of our own drum, but that really is hard when we live in a society telling us how to live and be. I can help you find your rhythm…especially because I love to dance.

I grew up in Georgia and earned my Master’s in Couple and Family Therapy at Kansas State University. After graduating,I decided to stay in the Midwest and have truly enjoyed it. While therapy is a huge part of my life, I also love marshmallows, working out so I can eat more marshmallows, and spending time with my handsome partner.